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Are Baby Carriers Dangerous?

If you were to read the article Common Nursery Products Send Thousands of Children to the Hospital featured in the New York Times, you would be led to believe that all baby carriers are dangerous devices prone to failure.

According to the article, 19.5% of injuries requiring hospitalization were baby carrier related, and of those injuries, more than half were children under 6 months of age.

These findings were collected from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. We took a look at the source directly to understand the specifics of these findings and we found a common theme among these dysfunctional products: the failures are related to malfunctions occurring in buckles, buckle straps, aluminum rings, hinges, missing plastic pieces, and in one case, baby positioning. The most common errors are related to moving parts and systems.

Although carriers go through rigorous testing, it does not guarantee the moving parts or systems will not fault.

If you own a buckle carrier, then it is important that you consistently check the attachment systems, and keep the product away from sunlight which may accelerate wear and tear and from pets that may chew on the plastic. If you have a ring sling carrier, ensure the rings are RoHS compliant and lead and nickel free.

In my opinion, the best options for baby carriers in regards to safety, comfort and durability are the Helina Baby carriers and woven wraps (not to be mistaken for stretchy wraps which are made of spandex).  


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