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Babywearing – 3 Quick Tips for a Secure Knot

Many of us learned to tie shoelaces during our elementary school years. Tying laces helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also builds independence and a sense of accomplishment. Tying knots has been an essential part of human existence because it is a skill that has helped us to survive.

You may have noticed that some baby carriers such as wraps (long pieces of cloth approximately 5 metres in length) and Meh Dais like the Helina Baby carrier (a square panel with a belt strap and two shoulder straps) require a knot to secure the carrier. In this blog, I share three quick tips and a video to help you have the easiest and safest knot-tying experience.

  1. When making your knot, always pull the straps in a horizontal direction –  pull one strap to the right and one strap to the left. Pulling this way makes it easy to tighten the knot.
  2. After tightening ensure that you cannot poke your finger through the centre of knot.  If you can, your knot needs tightening.
  3. Never tie a bow to secure your carrier. Bows are not for weight-bearing loads.

In this video, you will see how to tie a square knot – the knot we recommend to secure the Helina Baby carrier.  To help you remember how to do it, think of this little mantra: Right strap over left, left strap over right.   If you choose to make a simple knot (meaning you tie without doing it in any specific way),  ensure you follow the tips above so that you secure the knot properly.


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