Why Choose Helina Baby?

The Helina Baby carrier is a comfortable, eco-friendly version of the acclaimed Asian-style Meh Dai (pronounced “may dye”) carrier.  Gain peace of mind when transporting your infant with the Helina Baby carrier, giving baby a soothing, supportive environment in which to thrive.  Soft and padded, your new carrier needs no additional infant insert and is fully adjustable to the exact size of your growing baby.  Get the one carrier you need to go from infant to toddler.

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Our carriers are made of soft and comfortable 100% organic dye-free cotton. This breathable material is cool and comfortable even during extended outdoor activities.

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If you’ve got questions, we’re just a phone call away. Our babywearing ambassadors are there to give tips and advice on how to get the most out of your Helina Baby carrier.

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Lending Library

We’re proud to announce the expansion of our Lending Library to the continental US & Canada! Try our carrier first hand and experience the Helina Baby difference. Read more.

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No need to own multiple carriers or purchase a separate infant insert.  Your new carrier is fully adjustable and grows with your baby from newborn infancy all the way through toddlerhood.  Adjust the height and width to perfectly match your baby – strap and belt adjustments allow you to perfectly match your body.

Feel light and free, even when wearing your baby for extended periods of time.  Your Helina Baby carrier provides full support in a criss-cross fashion, distributing baby’s weight evenly and eliminating the strain and stress on your muscles.

Stay cool and comfortable with breathable, natural, dye-free cotton that shields baby from the heat.  This means you and baby stay cool even during those hot summer months.

Moms and Dads come in many different shapes and sizes and your Helina Baby carrier accommodates them all.  Without buckles or restrictive straps, your Helina Baby carrier will fit no matter how tall, short, or large-chested you may be.